Eric K. Cuper
What we do:

Cuper Studios can design and produce architectural, sculptural and
functional  creations for your home or business.   We can work from your
ideas or from your contractor's or architect's plans.   We have modern
technology in our shop, but we can forge metal in the time honored fashion
with a fire and an anvil.  We work in many metals as you will observe by
browsing our web site.
Contact us:

Shop phone:  610-438-8694
Shop Fax:       610-438-8694 (wait for fax tone)
Creating art in all forms requires attention to detail and a priority to the needs of the
material.  If we are working with hot iron, we cannot answer the phone.  Please leave a
message.  We will get back to you as the metal cools down.
Cuper Studios LLC