Cuper Studios LLC
Eric K. Cuper

Fireplace tools, counter tops, fireplace screens, pot racks and chandeliers are just a few of
the items that can add individuality and an essence of craftsmanship to any home or office.  
From reproductions of your favorite pieces to new designs, and in your choice of metals, these
items will be the source of enjoyment for many years and generations to come.  
A mid-nineteenth century barn was being converted into a
residence and the owner requested a chandelier and
fireplace screen that were correct to the period, including
the custom pulley system.  Click on any image for larger
Some additional fireplace
screens.  Click on any
image for larger pictures.
Custom mirror stand in nickel
plate.  Click on any image for
larger pictures
Custom copper counter top.  Click
for larger pictures.
Stainless steel counter top
and corner shelf.  Click on
any image for larger
Cast iron sink legs
we installed dress
up this bathroom
very nicely.  Click
on image for
larger picture.
The table on left takes a glass
top.  The table on the right will be
plated and finished by the
designer.  We are capable of
manufacturing many types of metal
furniture.  Click on any image for
larger pictures.
Two examples of custom items.  A fireplace
tool set and a salad fork and spoon.  Both
items have "squid" motif handles.  Click on any
image for larger pictures.
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A ceramics artist requested a
copper flashing for the kiln.  
Naturally we could do it.  Click
on image for a larger picture.