Cuper Studios LLC
Eric K. Cuper

These sculptures, many award winning, are just a sample of what can be conceived and
created.  Your home or your grounds can be enhanced with charm and with your focus on a
theme or artistic comment.  Review the gallery and see how the artist interpreted current
issues.    All these images can be clicked for larger views.  They are grouped on a separate
page by row.  As you view these images, remember everything is metal.
A box, designed and hand forged .  
The crab's shell lifts off.
Three denizens of the deep.  Of
particular note are the finishes.  These
are all metal.
Four examples of the limitless
possibilities for decorative work in
metal.   The detail has to be seen
to be appreciated.
From the Aral Sea series.  The
sculpture on the left represents a
low tide marker and on the right
are the roots that are exposed as
this sea is drained of its water.
From the Aral Sea series.  The
two drawer table has a depiction
of the shoreline as it recedes.  
Handles represent driftwood.  The
pen and ink holder on the right is a
boat that is now grounded.
Two doors with a marine motif.  
The door on the left continues the
Aral Series with a depiction of  
dead fish.  The door on the right
uses the fluid elements of the
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